Winter Update…

Apologies for the slight delay since my last blog – I had to “paws” to take some time to create our revised website!     

If you are reading this, then I reckon that you have possibly already had a look at the revised website. Our old site was starting to look a little dated and “ruff” so in my capacity as office dog, I have been busy developing a new one. Lots of late night walks (quality thinking time) and I manged to stay fuelled on Greggs sausage rolls!     
Anyway, enough of my “tails”…     

The office humans have been very busy – we have two new small Smart humans. Congratulations to Michaela and Chris on the birth of Vannora and to Russell and Charlene on the arrival of Faye.     

Vannora has joined the team at a very early age. As a progressive employer, we have turned the meeting room into a creche so that Vannora can come to work with Michella. We are not sure if she will follow her mum’s footsteps in the studio team or if she will become a fitter (she has some growing to do first)! Faye has not showed any signs of wanting to start work in Smart as yet – Russell explained that she prefers a good snooze and being sick on her dad! I remember when Bella (Chief Office Dog) and I had puppies (hard work but very rewarding).     

The approach to the festive season is always very busy and this year is no exception. With the addition of several new commercial vehicle customers and an upsurge in signage activity, the production and fitting teams are working hard to keep up with demand. The passenger transport sector remains buoyant with lots of work due to be completed over the next few weeks.     

Our Christmas night out is scheduled for Bucks Bar with the team looking forward to a well deserved night out. It is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some food and a few drinks. Bella has told me not to drink as much this year. I got a little carried away singing a few classics like “Hound Dog” by Elvis, “Dog Eat Dog” by AC/DC and “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baha Men. Bella said that I sounded like a cat. I am highly offended!     

In the spirit of Christmas, we decided to ask the team a few Christmas related questions (answers are below) along with some photos.     

Have a fantastic time over the festive season!    

Milo - Office Dog