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Vehicle livery has long been recognised as a powerful and cost effective means of marketing, whether for corporate identity, brand awareness, promotions or safety. With the use of modern printing and vinyl cutting devices Smart Graphics can produce the most eye catching and attractive designs regardless of fleet size or vehicle type. Indeed a single well designed and expertly reproduced vehicle branding will create significant marketing impact.

Our experience and skills, cost effective production, design and nationwide fitting services mean that any marketer or vehicle operator can access these benefits with little effort of disruption. 

Long recognised as a powerful and cost effective form of promotion, vehicle livery has become an essential part of an organisation’s marketing mix - if not an art form. The latest digital printing technology offers even greater opportunities to create strong selling messages, as well as providing unmissable  highway corporate presence.

Our state of the art design and print facilities exceed industry standards and provide the technology you need for fantastic truck and van liveries. Our tailored package of solutions provide the owners of van fleets with the most cost effective results. This includes vehicle wraps, a technique that allows high quality printed images to be wrapped completely around the body of a vehicle. The result - a stunning promotional statement.

Good design will turn a vehicle fleet into a highly effective advertising medium.

Fleet livery plays an ever important part in the daily life of a company's identity and the way in which it is portrayed to customers and consumers and the way in which it affects the employees too. 

Great livery speaks volumes about the corporate attitude (trendy, forward looking, conservative - as examples), vision, customer promises, reliability, sophistication.... 

Often the livery has been all a customer will see for first impressions and these form firm and permanent imprints in people's minds about a company. Whether your livery supports a brand or product or a service.... it needs to look coherent, clean, communicative and above all make the right impression!

Vehicle advertising works for you in 3 ways: 

  1. Corporate or Brand Advertising: increasing awareness of your business and values. Promoting a brand, product or service on a local, regional or national level. 
  2. Promotional Advertising: tactical campaigns for shorter term product or sales promotions 
  3. Safety Advertising: combining a promotional and safety message to demonstrate that you care. 

The Power of Vehicle Advertising works on any type of fleet. From a single van upwards, Smart Graphics has the technology to produce bigger, better, bolder advertising. 

Vehicle advertising costs are lower than other outdoor print media because the space is free. Research shows that more than 3,000 people an hour* will see your vehicle, so don’t miss a golden opportunity. 

Smart Graphics will help you every step of the way to plan, design and implement your successful livery campaign. If you’re worried about spreading the cost, we can help you with our rental scheme.

We’ll help you plan, design and implement your fleet graphic campaign, ensuring you choose the right products to keep you looking good. Take a look at some great ideas – reflective for 24-hour visibility, vehicle wrapping, quick-change graphics and a rental scheme that spreads the costs.

In just a few days your vehicles could be winning you new business. Contact Smart Graphics today to put the wheels in motion.

Downtime is something that everyone wants to avoid - it can mean a lot of lost business - that's why we make sure that our installation and application service is carried out by expert teams at times that best suit our customers.

We carry out a survey prior to each installation so that all the necessary items can be supplied pre-cut, guaranteeing our team get on with the job as soon as they arrive. We can often provide installation teams at only a few hours notice. 

Although every project comes backed by our own warranty scheme, we also carry out a quality audit on-site making sure every job meets our very rigorous standards.

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