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event graphics and exhibition graphics

Vehicles can now be a valuable and integrated part of a company’s marketing mix, particularly when it comes to road shows and events.

Allowing you to communicate with customers via the road network or site, with this tried and tested promotional service.

Head-turning effects, stunning graphics with massive impact.

Made and fitted quickly and affordably by Smart Graphics.

Whether you wish to use a bus, train, car, taxi or motor-scooter (we’ve even wrapped a golf buggy)

We offer a full design implementation and managed fitting service along with advice and expertise, scaled drawings… (link to Olympic story)

  • Vehicles can now be fully integrated into your marketing mix. 
  • Unlocks the potential of this often overlooked communications platform 
  • Allows you to communicate with consumers on the nation's road networks (often hard to reach via conventional media platforms) 

A picture says it all attracting the most attention and recognition. We make pictorials fast and affordable. 

  1. Corporate or Brand Advertising: increasing awareness of your business and values. Promoting a brand, product or service on a local, regional or national level. 
  2. Promotional Advertising: tactical campaigns for shorter term product or sales promotions 
  3. And they always make a seriously major impression.

Benefits of vinyl wraps

  • Stunning Graphics 
  • Massive Impact 

... To gain the best exposure and publicity in our already cluttered lives is no easy task, so the bigger, brighter and more fun and off the wall the better!

Whether to wish to fully wrap a bus, a Eurostar train, a truck, Jeep, car, taxi, wheelbarrow... whatever, then we can offer a full design, implementation and application service. We also offer friendly advice and scaled drawings to design and advertising agencies.

Make more mileage from your advertising spend by wrapping your car, taxi or van fleet with a stunning, head-turning eye-catching graphic.

The Power of Vehicle Advertising means that a van wrap will last longer and give you a better return than other forms of  advertising.

  • Vehicles can now be fully integrated into your marketing mix. 
  • Unlocks the potential of this often overlooked communications platform 


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