At Smart Graphics, we are experienced in dealing with all aspects of commercial vehicle livery.  From full fleet vehicle wraps to small fleet livery, we can make your vision for your fleet a reality. Some of our clients already know exactly how they want their vehicles to look and others take advantage of our conceptual design service.  Full studio facilities allow us to develop your design concept and work with you to build livery that is representative of your brand. A state of the art production facility packed with the latest technology helps us to create striking and durable livery.


With fitting crews based across the UK and a flexible approach, we can fit around your operational needs. Our 30 plus years of experience in the commercial vehicle livery sector has equipped us with exceptional technical knowledge and a first class reputation for delivering high quality graphics.


Why Brand A Vehicle?


Commercial vehicle livery is one of the most powerful but under utilised advertising and branding platforms in the UK. Many organisations use mediums like television, print, radio and digital to communicate with their target audience. While these platforms are valuable, it can be expensive to run an advertising  campaign or to maintain a regular presence to establish brand identity. Most organisations have a finite budget to deliver key messages and it can be challenging to find the most effective ways to deliver.


Commercial vehicle livery has a number of advantages over some more traditional marketing platforms:


• Vehicles enjoy a 24/7 presence (they cannot be “switched off” like radio, television or digital mediums) so consumption is not governed by the availability of broadcast devices

• Fleet owners already own the space on their vehicles so there is no pressure to buy expensive advertising space at peak audience periods or to compete with other advertisers for prime slots

• Flexible - each vehicle is a mobile billboard and can be tailored to deliver brand continuity or to communicate a different message on each vehicle to increase the reach of advertising

• A perfect platform to extend your brand out of “store” and deliver your message into the communities that your vehicles serve

• Relatively inexpensive to change branding and advertising messages when compared to other forms of media


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