Milo (Office Dog) here again…sorry that it has been a little while since my last blog.


What has been happening? Woof…it’s been a busy few weeks. My paws have hardly touched the ground. I’ve barely had time to stop for a steak bake, now I know where the phrase, “working like a dog” comes from.


At the start of lockdown, like most companies, we did not know what impact the crisis would have upon business. However, we decided to remain open as most of our customers (bus and transport operators) would be providing vital services during lockdown and it was important that we were available to help them to deliver vital communication messages. For the first few weeks, it was very quiet - empty machines and the dramatic change to both work and personal life were a concern. I could only go for one walk a day and Boris shut my favourite shop - Greggs! I am not a “political animal” but I was not happy with the decision…


As the situation evolved, the need for more visual forms of communication was heightened. In a short space of time, our machines went from being empty to running 24 hours. Over the past 2 months, our factory has been at full capacity with teams working both day and night shifts to cope with the demand for both Covid-19 related material and our usual type of orders. Demand was so high that we invested in 2 additional print presses to deal with the volume and build additional capacity for future orders. I am proud to say that the team have worked exceptionally hard to satisfy demand and that we have fulfilled mass scale orders for hundreds of thousands of items during the course of April, May and June. We are fortunate to have a strong team who are committed to customer satisfaction and pulled together to ensure that we met stringent deadlines. A special note of thanks to the factory team and those who were temporarily moved from their “normal jobs” to help with the team effort. I was going to buy everyone a bone to say thanks but they all just gave me funny looks…


I would also like to thank our suppliers who pulled out all of the stops to make sure that we had enough material and ink to meet demand. At times like this, it is important to have strong relationships with the wider team. The biggest “thank you” goes to our loyal customer base who kept people moving during the crisis (bus operators) and transport operators who kept the flow of food and other essential items to supermarkets and shops.


The Covid-19 crisis has seen some evolution at Smart Graphics and I am pleased to announce that we are now able to offer some additional items. While we have been printing lots of social distancing materials, we recognised that many of our customers have a need for protective screens, hand sanitiser units, gloves, face masks and signage. We now have a full range of such materials and a full brochure can be found under the Covid-19 update section of our website. Materials in the brochure are available in standard form or can be customised to match your corporate identity.


We are also able to offer a “Covid - Return To Work” survey on your premises. The survey determines best places to put social distancing stickers, placement of protective screens, location of hand sanitising stations and general guidance on how to make your workplace a safe environment for staff returning to work. During the past few weeks, we have worked with several businesses to help them to establish an environment that is safe for staff, visitors and suppliers through use of screens, sanitising stations and visual material.


As we all begin to move into new ways of working, socialising, travelling and interacting, we will all face new challenges and a period of adaptation. The team at Smart Graphics remain on hand to help.


As it’s been a busy time, I am off to put my paws up (if Bella lets me as she is the boss - Chief Office Dog). I fancy a steak and maybe a nice bone. Perhaps catch a film – not seen Reservoir Dogs in a while…anyway, stay safe…









Office Dog






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